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  1. Terrace Corner: Lorong permai 6. Scope: Pond, Tree, Grass, Artificial Grass.

  2. Bungalow: Scope:  Japanese garden landscape construction for Codrington Avenue

  3. Semi D in Taman Perdana: Scope: 800 sf Premier Grass 30mm supply and install.

  4. Semi D in Taman Sri Nibong: Scope: redesign Landscape for a kindergarten.

  5. Luxury Condo: 8 Gurney: Scope: 70m2 of Vertilivin EcoFelt System Installed + Hydromate Irrigation Drip System.

  6. Semi D in Hillpark Residence. Scope: 700 sf Premier Grass Installed.

  7. Bungalow in Taman Impian, Alma. Scope: Pond + Vertilivin

  8. Bungalow in Machang Bubok. 20 zones irrigation system installed.

  9. Terrace: Greenlane. Scope: Pond, Deck, Planting

  10. Penthouse: Sungai Ara Fierra Vista. Scope: Premier Grass, Planting, Irrigation

  11. Terrace Corner: Batu Maung. Redesign Landscape

  12. Bungalow: Alma Impian. Scope: Vertilivin EcoWall, Koi Pond

  13. SemiD: Permatang Pauh. Scope: Premier Grass, Vertilivin Ecowall System, Planting.

  14. SuperCondo: The Light. Scope: Vertilivin EcoWall System

  15. Bungalow: Bukit Mertajam. Scope: Premier Grass on Balcony and car porch

  16. Bungalow: Tg Bungah. Scope: Irrigation, Premier Grass on Roof Top, Planting.

  17. Terrace Corner: Ayer Itam. Scope: Redesign side garden with Premier Grass, Planting.

  18. SuperCondo: One Tanjung. Scope: Deck, Koi Pond, Planting, Irrigation, Premier Grass

  19. Bungalow: Chain Ferry. Scope: Vertilivin EcoWall System

  20. Terrace: Greenlane. Scope: Balcony landscape with Premier Grass.

  21. Bungalow: Cantonment. Scope: Vertical EcoWall System covering 15 m2

  22. Mall: Johore. Scope: Vertilivin EcoWall System covering 7.5m2

  23. Penthouse: Ivory Plaza. Scope: Roof Top landscape design with Premier Grass, Planting, Vertilivin. 

  24. Terrace Corner. Sri Tanjung Pinang. Scope: Premier Grass replacing real grass.

  25. SemiD: Relau. Scope: modern landscape design.

  26. SuperCondo. The Light. Scope: Balcony landscape design, Vertilivin Ecowall System, Premier Grass.

  27. Terrace Corner: Bukit Mertajam. Scope: Premier Grass

  28. Bungalow: Cantonment. Scope: Landscape design, Deck, Koi Pond, Planting

  29. Bungalow: Balik Pulau. Scope: Tropical Garden design, Gazebo, Wall Planting, Irrigation

  30. SemiD: Bayan Mutiara. Scope: Premier Grass installation for backyard

  31. Bungalow: Ayer Itam. Scope: Landscape redesign, Planting, modern tropical

  32. SemiD. Sri Nibong. Scope: Landscape redesign into Japanese garden.

  33. SemiD: Teluk Kumbar. Scope: Landscape Redesign into tropical landscape.

  34. Bungalow. Paya Terubong. Scope: Japanease Garden design

  35. Terrace: Sg Ara. Scope: side garden design

  36. Bungalow: Teluk Kumbar. Scope: Redesign koi pond.

  37. SemiD: Bukit Jambul. Scope. Redesign landscape.

  38. SemiD: Balik Pulau. Scope. Modern tropical garden design.

  39. Bungalow: Minden Heights. Scope: Modern landscape design

  40. Bungalow: Sebarang Prai. Scope: Vertilivin Ecowall System, Premier Grass, Water Feature, Planting.

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